Diasporas Festival, Berkeley
May 9, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company brings an excerpt of its newest work, "Elisabeth's Book" to the Diasporas Festival of Contemporary Performance in Berkeley, California, on May 9 & 10. Inferno Theatre

THREE TREES to Western Washington
April 18, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company in "Three Trees" heads to Western Washington University for two shows, April 18 & 19th at 7:30 PM
A mixture of rollicking clown routines and poetic, theatrical

Humboldt Sponsors support
April 6, 2014

THANKS to Humboldt Sponsors for a $500 award to the 8th Grade Show for " costumes, props, and technical production." Congratulations to director Lydia Foreman and her cast from Blue Lake

World Commedia Day Feb. 25
February 21, 2014

World Commedia dell'Arte Day is celebrated every year on February 25, and is proclaimed by the Italian cultural association SAT as an action of the incommedia.it project in support of SAT's

TCG grant awarded to DAI
February 1, 2014

Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for theatre, announced recipients for the third round of its Global Connections program. Dell’Arte was awarded one of three


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Effort, Risk, Momentum, Joy (TM)

June 30 - July 25, 2014
THE POWERFUL PRESENCE: Effort, Risk, Momentum, Joy (TM)

                                 40th Anniversary Special price!



The month-long DAI intensive is based on the actor-training methodology of The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. The work of the actor-creator arises out of silence, darkness and empty space, moving into ensemble play and the actor’s ability to devise original work for the stage. The training aims towards creation of The Dynamic Theatre, a visceral, actor-centered theatre which crosses stylistic boundaries and informs classic as well as contemporary works, original as well as adapted works.

The skillful, dynamic, and easeful use of the performative body/voice is at the core of our curriculum. The goal is an actor whose presence demonstrates an ability to command the time and space of the stage.  The DAI Physical Theatre Intensive is appropriate for actors, dancers, directors, teachers and designers.


The questions for this workshop: what is the powerful presence of the actor in the dimension of the theatre? How does energy become action? How does the creative actor link text, movement, voice, and character in a dynamic unity? How does physical training carry into the act of making theatre, in rehearsal and the creation of work?


"Action must always precede analysis. The first step predetermines the ones to follow. Having made the first eccentric motion at your birth, you can now look around. Birth is a matter of territory; identity comes later, through action. Self-awareness in space and time equals presence. (Self-consciousness leads to immobility and is the enemy of presence.) From presence, one can develop the ability to represent."                                    

Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, Dell'Arte Founder

Week 1: The Instinct for Play Spontaneity and Imagination: the all of a sudden — In this first week the student is engaged in improvisations focusing on awareness, availability and responsiveness. This improvisational play leads to discoveries reconnecting the student of the theatre with what is authentic and truthful in response to the dynamic natural world; to reestablish contact with the act of thinking physically. This is the fundamental state that was our teacher as children.

Week 2:
The Powerful Presence Resonance: the body in space — groundedness, clarity, energy and projection. Via spontaneity and imagination we move on to identification with, and extension into, the world “around where I stand.” The student will begin conditioning, a fundamental engagement with acrobatics, levels of energy, imitation of the natural world (mime) and the nature of the mask. Believe, Behave, Behold, Become.

Week 3: The Embodied Voice The moving actor speaks; the speaking actor
moves — vocal power, vocal ease; exploration of vocal and physical dynamics;  FM Alexander Technique, and the study of dynamics as applied to the work of the stage.

Week 4 : The Dynamic Theatre & The Actor-Poet Devising: The making of theatre — Students explore devising processes in which text, physical action and staging support the development of character, situation, circumstance. Short pieces of theatre will be generated in small ensembles focusing on the D’AI methodology introduced through out the intensive. Image, Idea, Concept, Design.

Performance Labs In addition to instructional based classes,
students will be expected to work in small ensembles on
themes for laboratory showings each Friday.


Classes meet 5 days a week; 5 hours of daily class work + lab hours

This is not a commedia dell’arte course.

*$1200 for AEA & ATME members


Typical Day Schedule:

         9:30am – 11:00am           Physical Training/Conditioning
11:15am – 12:45 PM                      “The Showers”

                         2:00 – 5:00          The Dynamic Theatre --voice & movement                       

Evenings   --  Assignments in Devising, or viewing other artists’ work




Mornings  begin with physical training, followed by the diagnostic improvisations Mr. Mazzone Clementi called ‘The Showers’--"because you are never too clean to do them." Afternoons are spent discovering how energy is translated into action, and how a ferocious presence lives through ensemble play with character, text, and dynamics. The critical transition from classroom work to the rehearsal process will be addressed. Some evenings will be spent on assignments related to the work.

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Dell’Arte International is the U.S. center for the research, training, and performance of the actor-creator, exploring the physical theatre traditions and their contemporary applications. With the professional Dell’Arte Company, a summer festival, and an international actor-training program offering both MFA and certificate programs, Dell’Arte has for over 35 years pioneered in the areas of physical theatre, Theatre of Place and devised theatre.

  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
DAI Intensive Participant Testimonials

“I recommend this program to other students because it is tough. This is challenging, demanding work. It has helped me learn so much more about myself, and my body. I could only wish others could experience the self-changing journey I went through.”

“The environment is very welcoming and the lessons are universally applied to the theatre.”

“The program is challenging in a way that makes one think and grow in a positive way.”

“It helps you to not only become a better performer, but a better artist and person. Everyone who has a passion for theatre should do the workshop.”

“I was challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

 The character of the program in a few words: “Inspiring; Encouraging; Loving; Hilarious; Family.”

“Cumulative; Intense yet unhurried; Looks at theatre practically yet vitally, and as a continual journey.”

“Intensive physical training within an ensemble in a setting where nothing can get in the way of the actor’s process.”

“The program requires you to expose yourself, eliminating the worry about doing things right.”

“Whenever I saw anything as “easy” or “familiar” I was pushed to challenge those assumptions and go deeper.”

“The word “challenging” is an understatement. I truly got my butt kicked in the best possible way.”

“The kind of exploration that takes place here is essential to theatre artists, though I think anyone would benefit greatly by participating.”

“The environment that is established is perfect for tuning into oneself. The teachers know how to interact with the students in an effective way.”

“An amazing, life transforming experience that pushed me way beyond my comfort zone, but ultimately inspired me like nothing else I have done recently. Incredible teachers, fabulous philosophy, and fantastic facilities. Thank you!”






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