Diasporas Festival, Berkeley
May 9, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company brings an excerpt of its newest work, "Elisabeth's Book" to the Diasporas Festival of Contemporary Performance in Berkeley, California, on May 9 & 10. Inferno Theatre

THREE TREES to Western Washington
April 18, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company in "Three Trees" heads to Western Washington University for two shows, April 18 & 19th at 7:30 PM
A mixture of rollicking clown routines and poetic, theatrical

Humboldt Sponsors support
April 6, 2014

THANKS to Humboldt Sponsors for a $500 award to the 8th Grade Show for " costumes, props, and technical production." Congratulations to director Lydia Foreman and her cast from Blue Lake

World Commedia Day Feb. 25
February 21, 2014

World Commedia dell'Arte Day is celebrated every year on February 25, and is proclaimed by the Italian cultural association SAT as an action of the incommedia.it project in support of SAT's

TCG grant awarded to DAI
February 1, 2014

Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for theatre, announced recipients for the third round of its Global Connections program. Dell’Arte was awarded one of three


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Character Projects (Year Two MFA's)

2013-2014 season
All student shows are Pay What You Can---a great chance to see original work by the theatre-makers of tomorrow!

December 12 - 15
Character Projects
Solo explorations of personage and personality by the MFA2’s unite in an imaginary landscape where characters collide.
Commedia dell’arte
One of our most popular evenings of student work! Raucous, raw, and not for the faint-of-heart, our first year students never fail to entertain with stock characters, contemporary plots, acrobatics and high spirits. This show sells out early!
Using sources from literature, poetry, film, and mythology, from Dostoevsky to Dorothy Parker, MFA2’s develop adaptations for the stage, sometimes dramatic, poetic, humorous, always original.

Community Based Projects

Year 3 MFA’s work in partnership with local non-profits, in non-theatrical venues, to take on social and community issues. Sometimes these are public showings, sometimes limited to the target population being served. Go to our Community Page to see groups served by this program over the last decade, and check back here after the new year for dates and locations of public showings.
First-year students explore the dramatic territory of melodrama, where a moral universe provides the container for studies of sacrifice, hard choices, high emotion.
MFA2’s take on the territory of tragedy as actors and playwrights. Creating an original tragedy leads to extraordiinary stories about extraordinary characters, highly physical with vivid imagery.

Another one of our most popular student evenings, as the first year students under the direction of Ronlin Foreman become duos and trios of fumbling, failing, ever-funny clowns of the theatre.
Thesis Projects
The culminating work of graduating Year 3 MFA’s. Showing their prowess as theatre-makers, each original project is the work of actor-creators, who develop their projects in ensemble, working sometimes as director-writers, actor-directors, composer-designers--it's up to them!

The Carlo Finals
First year students have a go at devising original works, based in any of the dramatic territories they've studied in their year. With minimal coaching by faculty, they make their mark and the audience does too--they're given 'report cards' to comment on the students' work.

Storytelling Projects
The MFA2's complete their 2nd year with Storytelling Projects--designed for small spaces, using multi-media from puppets to projections, these devised pieces are unique.

The Rural Residency
First year students head out to two rural communities for 9 days--this year Bridgeville and Orleans--to camp, cook, teach, and create a show for their host community. Dates to be announced in the spring.


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